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Digital (Digital TV, Packet, PSK31) ... Beginners Guide to Amateur Radio http:// Amateur RF Safety DATA edu/rfsafety/ ... You will see the letter and hear what it sounds like in Morse code.

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... les plus rapides et les meilleures - recherche:Wav Tv Amateur.

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Since SSTV systems operate on voice frequencies, amateurs use it on shortwave ... The sound card of a PC, with special processing software, acts as a modem. .... software. ...

Shortwave radio - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The broadcast medium wave band now extends above the 200 m/1500 kHz limit ... Additionally, it is used for two-way international communication by amateur .... Radioteletype, fax, digital, slow-scan television and other systems use forms ..... Retrieved from " = ...


Slow Scan TV with Windows and Soundcard WinXP - Vista - Win7. "MMSSTV is free for Amateur Radio Use". MMSSTV Image ... Try Sound Soundcard Select.

Software | Mac Ham Radio

Uses native Mactintosh sound output capabilities or ASIO drivers (with Mac the ... comp; Mac OS X software for Slow Scan TV (SSTV), Narrow Band TV (NBTV) and ..... on the site, KD6CJI's software archive is now at

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FreeDV was built by an international team of Radio Amateurs working together on ... When you play this 10 second 1 kHz to 2 kHz sweep .wav file through your .... Episode 81 Bruce Parens and Mel Whitten interview at ...

Radio Signal Identification Guide -

A guide to help you identify some amateur and utility digital radio signals and sounds which you may find on the frequency spectrum. I will be .... Description: Analogue PAL TV. ..... (WAV FILE).

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3 Nov 2013 Amateur radio enthusiasts (sometimes called ham radio operators or "hams") ... || not packaged? search in AUR ... d-rats – D-STAR communication tool; qsstv – Slow-scan television; linpsk – ... The PKGBUILD automatically downloads an 850 kB bundle of .wav files ...

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2014-04-21 My Edit Song ... The HTML5 widget is faster, easier to share and you can comment and like the sound right away.